At Ideal Technologies, we’re here to help you through your technology struggles.

We welcome the challenge to provide you with a solution to your IT hardware and software issues. By helping you alleviate day to day technical problems, you can focus on your business. 


Our team of experts is friendly, easy-going and personable. If you have a question about a new managed phone system or how to get your internal office network to work more efficiently, we can find ways that will work for you. 


Our first meeting with a client starts with determining what’s working for you, what you’d like to improve and what needs to be eliminated or replaced.  From there we collaborate on the best plan for you. Projects will not only address current processes but include any expansion, technology upgrades and your future goals to allow your technology to grow with you. 


While we’d love to have you as a client, we know there are companies you like working with and want to continue those relationships. We are often sub-contracted through other companies to help in our areas of expertise such as managed phone systems, IT networking, IT service and cabling. 



Meet the team


Ideal Technologies Team


Connie Davies


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Josh D.jpg

Joshua Davies

Vice President

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Heather Lemke

Project Specialist

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Kimberly Mangin

IT Specialist

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Ideal Cabling Team


Joshua Coonen

Project Manager

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Dylan Lee
Low Voltage Technician

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Zach Campbell
Low Voltage Technician

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TJ Harikkala
Low Voltage Technician

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Thomas Fochs
Low Voltage Technician

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Ready to find out more?

Through our Ideal Technology Analysis™ of your current systems and telephone billing statements, we are able to develop the perfect cost-effective and efficient system for your business needs. 


Listening to the problems you're having with technology is what we do. 


Creating a plan to fix the problems with IT hardware and software that best fits your company, your workflow, and your goals are how we do it. 


Taking technology out of the day to day activities allows you to focus on your business growth. 


We develop IT solutions so your technology can grow with you.


Let’s chat today about your IT needs. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact in 24-48 hours. 

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