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Don’t let poor internet speeds, downtime and intranet connection errors affect your business. 

Old, messy, poorly maintained network cabling could have unintended consequences. 

Ultimately, your business can lose money, clients, and employees when they can’t access information. 


At Ideal Cabling, we provide turnkey cabling services from planning to installing, migration and maintenance. We can replace and upgrade old, damaged cabling giving you faster connections and more reliable service. 


We are the only Wisconsin provider of Certified 25-year warranty on Superior Essex cabling. 


This network cable is the top of the line 10G 4 Pair Power over Ethernet. Giving you exceptional energy efficiency and ensure performance up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. 


Keeping your cable temperature cooler, a continual data flow with less slow down or communication errors. This design outperforms a standard CAT6A cable, to mitigate crosstalk, reduce cable temperatures and increase power efficiency.


Fiber optic cabling sends lightwaves through a glass core for faster communications over short and long distances. This type of cable is best used for high volume data processing, telecommunications, and long-distance networking. Most internet, telephone, and cable television systems run on fiber optic cabling. 


The multi-mode fiber optics cabling we use provides clients with up to a mile of communication ability. Because the core is wider in multi-mode fiber, it allows more data in, but the quality of data decreases over long distance. Multi-mode fiber is perfect for short runs of high bandwidth, audio/visual data, and communication. 


If you need your information to travel longer distances, single mode fiber optics is better for you.  With the ability to process data 20-30 miles without decreasing, it’s perfect for medical and educational campuses, cable television and telecommunications. 


At Ideal Cabling, our cable technicians are BICSI certified installers. This certification is globally recognized as a premier standard in the Information and Communication Technology industry. 


We can help you determine the best cables for your new office, renovation or network migration. 


For a free on-site walkthrough fill out our contact form or call (920) 415-3479

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Poor Network Reliability


When your computers take extra time loading, printing, communicating on-site or online, the waiting adds up to hours and frustration.


Your employees don’t feel supported in completing their jobs. You need to be able to access the internet, have office equipment connect efficiently so your employees can be competent in their careers. 

Crosstalk, signal degradation, cable damage 

Over time the cabling starts to break down, mainly from the wear and tear of handling, moving, and misuse. This can lead to crosstalk, signal degradation, and cable damage.


By not structuring your cabling properly, they can overheat, break, and start bleeding signals to each other. This crosstalk can cause data errors, delays in processing and overall system slowdowns.

 Strained Client/Customer Relations


Slowdowns in information can cause your clients to feel unsupported by your services. By having clients wait and wonder why they don’t have their reports, or why a payment hasn’t been processed can start them on a negative thought process.


This can lead them to question whether you’re the best provider for their needs. 

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Listening to the problems you're having with technology is what we do. 


Creating a plan to fix the problems with IT hardware and software that best fits your company, your workflow, and your goals are how we do it. 


Taking technology out of the day to day activities allows you to focus on your business growth. 


We develop IT solutions so your technology can grow with you.


Let’s chat today about your IT needs. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact in 24-48 hours. 

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